Soon, local searches will outnumber non-local ones. So, it’s critical to optimize your online presence to improve your local ranking as soon as possible.

We set up and maintain your Google+ Local account (Google’s local business directory), and create citations monthly on local business sites across the Internet in order to increase the visibility of your Google+ listing in local search rankings. We also create a rich “authorship” snippet to go along with your organic website listing.

Why Google+ Local is so important:

Google results are becoming more localized. These days, Google will track a web searcher’s IP address and deliver results in the immediate vicinity. For example, type “lawyer” into Google and run a search. Notice that it automatically returns listings of offices near you.

Google+ Local listings often supersede regular organic listings on search result pages. Google+ Local listings are prominent to the point of pushing down organic website listings for certain types of searches. Therefore, if you are not on the system at all, you have no chance of being listed at the top.

The Google+ social network is directly related. While Facebook is still the undeniable champion of the social media space, Google+ has been quietly building a loyal client base over the past several years. Google+ has over 135 million active members. Creating a listing on Google+ Local gives you a way to connect with these people.

What you can expect from our law firm Google+ Local plan:

  • Increased client loyalty. When utilized correctly, Google+ help boost your online reputation and build community around your brand. An effective strategy can instantly set you apart from your competition.
  • Improved search engine ranking. High levels of Google+ Local activity show search engines that you’re authentic, engaged and valuable to searchers. Social shares can trigger the freshness portions of Google’s algorithm, giving you a temporary boost in rankings.
  • Increased traffic to your website. Think of Google+ Local as a megaphone.
  • Improved credibility. Surveys show that people tend to trust organizations and brands that regularly engage with clients through social media outlets Like Google+ Local. It gives your law firm a personal touch that people can relate to.

Reach us anytime by phone, text or email to find out how we can get you setup with a digital, mobile and social media strategy that’s tailored to your law firm’s specific goals.

Are You Increasing Your Revenue With Your Internet & Mobile Marketing?

There comes a moment in every small business owner’s life when he or she asks, is it time to hire an agency to help me with my Internet or mobile marketing?

Today’s Internet is complex; just mouse over our drop-down buttons above for "Internet Marketing" and "Mobile Marketing" to see the options available.

Understanding what these are and how to implement and manage them are challenging for even the savviest to wrap their heads around (including many agencies!).

So can an agency like Pepper Blue help you navigate through it?

We are confident that after one complimentary consultation with us you'll be comfortable and excited to move forward with an Internet and mobile marketing plan that will distance you from your competition.

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The Entrepreneur’s Dilemma: Focus, Focus, Focus

But on what?

Your customer's have pains and you should be focusing your major resource of time on what you do best:

Manufacturing/delivering/developing/serving your products or services that help alleviate those pains.
Your business is your passion and you are the expert at what you do. Marketing is ours, and we are experts at what we do.

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