New web technologies pop up all the time, but one channel has stood the test of time – email. With Pepper Blue’s solution, you get a complete program to run a successful email marketing campaign as well as the option to integrate mobile text, chat, voice, or social channels to get even more bang for your marketing buck.

We can easily set up an email marketing campaign:
  • You can choose from a wide selection of professional email templates.
  • Next, we will customize your own email templates to match your branding.
  • We will personalize each email with the recipient’s name through the mail-merge feature.
  • Your distribution lists are automatically managed through subscribe and unsubscribe links updated by your users.
Advanced scheduling options give you flexible message delivery:
  • Schedule your blast to go out immediately or on a specific date and time.
  • Automatically send email reminders to your subscribers on specific dates or time periods, like every day, week, month, or year.
  • Build customer relationships by sending courtesy emails at specific intervals during a user’s membership period.
Optimize your campaign for maximum deliverability and success.
  • Our trusted email servers let you send your email marketing campaign with high deliverability.
  • Spam filters check content to reduce chance of your emails ending up in junk folders.
  • Detect invalid email addresses to remove them automatically from your contact database.
Track email campaign stats in real-time.
  • Gauge audience engagement by tracking click-through rates. Discover what works and what most interests your readers by seeing how many visitors clicked on each link.
  • Detailed reporting lets you find out who opened and clicked your email.
  • Monitor bounce rates to clean up your email distribution lists of unreachable contacts to improve deliverability.
Organically grow your customer database.
  • Incorporate an Online Sign-up Page, Facebook Widget, or mobile keyword in your email to collect valuable data.
  • Collected data includes name, mobile number, landline number, email address, or any other customized information.

The Pepper Blue All-In-One Advantage:

Plus, expand your reach and enjoy greater impact by leveraging multiple channels. Our All-In-One Marketing solution lets you combine the power of email with mobile text, voice broadcast, instant messaging, and social media, all from a single integrated platform.

Are You Increasing Your Revenue With Your Internet & Mobile Marketing?

There comes a moment in every small business owner’s life when he or she asks, is it time to hire an agency to help me with my Internet or mobile marketing?

Today’s Internet is complex; just mouse over our drop-down buttons above for "Internet Marketing" and "Mobile Marketing" to see the options available.

Understanding what these are and how to implement and manage them are challenging for even the savviest to wrap their heads around (including many agencies!).

So can an agency like Pepper Blue help you navigate through it?

We are confident that after one complimentary consultation with us you'll be comfortable and excited to move forward with an Internet and mobile marketing plan that will distance you from your competition.

Contact Tim today to get started

Pepper Blue can clearly explain the complex options that help you identify and leverage truly best-of-breed solutions. We will also serve as strategic consultants providing your company with opportunities you may never have been aware of, or had access to. This can free up time to grow your company in other ways. - see 2 columns to the right

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The Entrepreneur’s Dilemma: Focus, Focus, Focus

But on what?

Your customer's have pains and you should be focusing your major resource of time on what you do best:

Manufacturing/delivering/developing/serving your products or services that help alleviate those pains.
Your business is your passion and you are the expert at what you do. Marketing is ours, and we are experts at what we do.

So think about trusting us with developing and implementing a digital and mobile marketing program for your products and services

We have customer that have been doing this since 2003...

Allow us to ease your own pain of trying to balance your precious resources of time and money. You've got a business to run, and we're ready to help you grow your customer base and increase your revenue!